Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Sunshine

Yes, the Sun was out today, and got me motivated to move plants to dry place and clean the garden. All the vegetable plants got tucked under the roof. I hope the rain doesn't further damage these plants. All anthuriums, roses, citrus, and geranium plants got placed in a sunny area or semi-shade area. Trust me, it was a lot of hard work today. By late afternoon, the rain poured like no one's business. Sigh. Well, if I'm home tomorrow, I have to move the other set of plants to a dry place.

Purple Lady
The marigold seedlings have a few true leaves, and it's time for them to be planted in different containers. The seeds that I sowed (last weekend) have germinated. Probably, by next weekend, these seedlings will be ready to occupy their respective new containers. Yay!
Seed tray and seedlings
The water lilies are continuously blooming, and there's a new bud in the lotus plant too. Raindrops fall into the containers, and the flowers love the fresh water. These flowers attract bees; when I tried to capture a bee, I ended up focusing on the lily, which always mesmerizes me. Yes, one more pending task is to feed the plants. May be tomorrow?

How can I not talk about my hibiscus flowers? Three flowers bloomed today, and oh, each plant has several buds. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, hoping they like the new place. I would love to add more hibiscus plants to my collection. They love Bangalore weather.

Guess who's new at the garden? Purple and White chilli varieties! Ah, I forgot to click photo of the Yellow pepper. I like peppers, and love to collect different varieties. Let's see how the new ones grow. Wish me luck.

Happy gardening!



  1. Wow, today's plants are very unusual. I love the purple anthuriums, chilis and I've never a hibiscus flower with orange petals and a pink eye.

  2. Thx, AB. The Purple color fascinates me, and this anthurium has flowers all around the year. It tends to motivate other plants to flower too, seems! :)


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