Thursday, October 6, 2011

Indian Council of Agricultural Research

Hello! It's been a long time since I updated the blog. The renovating of our little terrace garden is shaping up well. Hopefully, in a month or so, the construction completes, and I can arrange all my plants appropriately. Currently, hurts to see the plants crowded in corners, saving themselves from cement and dust.

Meanwhile, I have been studying or acquiring knowledge about plants and related topics. Did you know that most of our regional TV channels air shows about agriculture? They do. In fact, they also have help line numbers to which farmers can call and seek clarifications. Isn't it great?

One of our regional newspapers, Kannada Prabha, publishes articles about agriculture every week. They introduce different concepts, people, innovations, and so on. My mother is a big fan of that series, and her enthusiasm is rubbing on to me. :)

While I was searching for some information on the Internet, I found the Indian Council of Agricultural Research Web site. The site has good amount of useful information. Check out its Publications and Innovations. Yes, you will agree, "Knowledge is power!"

I got curious about innovations; see Click each innovation title to read more about it. The articles provide a practical utility of the innovation. I am sure that you will admire the innovations and the inventors.

A few innovations that you can use at your home gardens::
Keep reading, experimenting, and sharing. Keep gardening!



  1. Thank you, Asha, for the link to ICAR. It indeed has a lot of useful information.
    Can't wait to see your renovated terrace garden. All the best.

  2. Glad that you found it useful, Anita.


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