Monday, December 12, 2011

Karnataka Forestry, Wildlife, Medicinal Plants

Karnataka is a beautiful state in India. The state has rich forests, fertile lands, mystic rivers, serene beaches, and interesting flora and fauna. The state is a fusion of several cultures, religions, beliefs, cuisine, and people. Kannada is the state language; however, several dialects exist. People from Karnataka are basically peace-loving.

Karnataka has about 3924 species of plants in its forests; out of which 1493 are medicinal ones. That is indeed a rich statistics. See Forests at a Glance.Well, over the years, the forests have been damaged by nature and humans. When we drive around, I wonder what the Forest department does to protect the rich wealth.

The answer is available at the Karnataka Forest department website. Some interesting pages are:
The Forest department has a joint venture with the local villages to help conserve the forests and its wealth. This programme is called Joint Forest Planning and Management. The department also has nurseries; see Yes, of course, the department also conducts various research activities. See Forestry Research Activities.

Protecting and saving our rich bio-diversity is not the job of only a certain group of people. Let's also help in our little ways to say a Thank You to the Mother Nature.

Click to see a few photos of wildlife at Nagarahole national park (Karnataka).



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