Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hibiscus blooms, and Liebster Blog award

Thank you. All the gardeners (and bloggers) have shared useful information, which has helped me in several ways. I feel nice when I visit their blogs and read about their gardens. Some of them upload excellent photos. I thank them for having their blogs and making it useful to many people.

The SageButterfly nominated my blog for the Liebster Blog award. I am honored, and I appreciate her for the nomination. She is a beautiful gardener and an excellent photographer. She loves to write about her experiments at her garden. Check out her blog site.

I have chosen the following blogs for this award:

  • Steph's Green Space: Stephanie is an admirable gardener. She introduces to several plants growing at Malaysia. Her 'green stories' are fun to read and inspiring. 
  • My Little Garden in Japan: This blog site displays the passion of the gardener. A gardener with magic hands, which grow vegetables, fruits, and flowers on the balcony!
  • Red Ripe Tomatoes: Anita Kumar owns this blog site. She writes from Chennai (India) about her garden, insects/birds that visit, and about places that she travels. 
  • May Dreams Gardens: Carol from Indiana is an eccentric gardener, a gardening geek, and is passionate about plants!
  • Pattu's Terrace Garden: Pattu blogs about her pretty terrace garden. I am amazed at the vegetables that she grows on her terrace.

The rules in accepting the Liebster Blog award are:

1. Copy and paste the Liebster Blog award on your blog.
2. Thank the bestower and link back to them.
3. Select five blogs with less than 200 followers (I can't always tell) and list them with a link to their blogs. Visit their blog and write a comment telling them you have nominated them for the Liebster Blog award.

Sunday update:

It's getting hotter here; the summer's dawning! I guess that my plants will need water twice a day. Summer is also the season during which several flowers bloom and vegetables are harvested. My plants have tiny buds, ready to bloom a flower and say a 'Hello' to summer. This morning, my husband told me about one beautiful hibiscus that had bloomed; said it was huge. Oh yes, the flower is huge, and seems like it is kissing the sky!

I am very glad that the plants have revived. A little love and care are vital to the plants. And the plants can love you unconditionally. Whenever I visit the terrace to either clean it or water the plants or just to walk/have tea, there is a gentle breeze that blows and the plants shake, making the entire terrace pleasant. This is, in my imagination, the plants expressing their love towards me. I am sure that all your plants also express their love towards you in someway. I hope that you are able to identify.

Keep gardening!



  1. Thank you so much Asha, I am so thrilled.

    I am not sure I deserve this.

    Meanwhile, I am learning how to go about the required steps. It may take some time. (tech.challenged).

    But, what I want to appreciate is the Hibiscus. The yellow one is so cute, and I also have one plant, which bloomed today too. It really spreads cheer in the garden.

    The last one, the color is amazing.


  2. Hey thanks for the nomination. Let me see when I can actually get around following the rules for the award. Have so much to do before it's Monday again!

    Your hibiscus look Great!

  3. Hi Pattu, you are very welcome! I completely agree that hibiscus flowers spread cheer in the garden. Please let me know if I can help you with the tech. part.

  4. Hi Anita, please take your time. Actually, Sundays are more hectic than Mondays. I am all set to greet the Monday, and rush to office. :-)

  5. I think I learnt it and accomplished the linking , though it took time.
    Thanks Asha for the support , hope you like the introduction I have made.

    Have a good week.


    PS: There was problem in commenting from wordpress!

  6. You have beautiful hibiscus flowers! Love them all. It is always wonderful to see this flower. Hibiscus is our national flower and it feels like home whenever I see them overseas. Thanks for the award Asha! I am so grateful and I have included your link in my latest post. I have a problem with copying the award icon. So I left it out.

  7. My hibiscus is dormant at the the basement waiting for spring. So, it is a treat to see your blooms. I particularly like the last beautiful! And thanks for some new blogs to explore.

  8. Hi Stephanie, you are very welcome. Bangalore weather is perfect to grow hibiscus flowers; we have these flowers round the year (, though a little dormant during winters).

  9. Hi SageB, spring is around the corner? Waiting to see photos of your hibiscus flowers. It's always fun to read about garden blogs, isn't it? :)

  10. Asha, congratulations on the well deserved award! Your hibiscus flowers are very pretty.

  11. Hi AB, thanks. I had two more colorful hibiscus that flowered this week. Have posted photo of one of them on Fertilizer Friday - Feb 17, 2012 blog. Happy weekend!

  12. Flowers show our love and feelings. The aroma of flowers is liked and admired by everyone.


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