Saturday, March 3, 2012

Orchids having babies!

Time flies! Will be a year since I bought my orchids - Phals. Since then, they have flowered, undergone some stress, and recovered. I tell you that my orchids are kind of shy - they seem nice when I don't pamper them, they love to be near me (sit on the windowsill, facing east). They can give me a heart pain and make me guilty when I neglect them; they can also make me smile when I give them attention.

Today, it's time to smile because the three Phals are in different stages of their lives. One of them, which had a crown rot, has basal keikis; I am leaving this one on the parent plant. (Keiki means a baby.) I was very worried when I saw the crown rot. With absolutely no experience or training in growing orchids, I didn't know whether to throw the plant or to keep it. Well, I decided to keep it. I guess that was good because the dormant eyes have pushed out new crown. 

Basal keiki

The second Phal has a keiki, forming on the flower spike. Again, I understand that this plant has been under some stress though its roots, stem, and leaves look perfectly healthy. I have decided to leave the keiki on the spike instead of cutting it off. I would love to have a new plant.  


The third Phal has shot out a flower spike! I must remember to label orchid plants because I don't know which color this Phal flower is. I wiped the leaves today, and checked for any unhealthy indication. This plant is fit and fine. Thank God.
Flower spike
Lesson learnt is that there is always hope (even for negligent gardeners like me). Yay! :-)



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