Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday saga

Spring is beautiful; each plant tries to be in its very best, and flaunts its pretty flowers. Spring gives way to summer; the heat is good for a few plants, while other plants sulk in the heat. When I water the plants, the soil sucks every drop. I sprinkle water on the terrace to cool it, and sometimes, I can see the water evaporate during to the heat. The plants like it when I sprinkle water, making the atmosphere cooler; a gentle breeze blows to acknowledge the action. 

Surprising fact is that all our squirrels and birds seem to have vanished. The bird feed remaining untouched today. I am not sure if the heat has driven them off or if our dear carpenters have scared them. Again, we have entered the phase of getting some house work done, dealing with workers, and safe-guarding the garden. My dearest toad stool is broken, strawberry plants are drying due to some mischief from the workers, and oh... Sigh. From next week, we will be busy setting and cleaning the house inside and outside. 

What's up today at the terrace garden, you ask? Hmm... The Neem tree has tender leaves and pretty flowers too. We will use these flowers during our New Year (Ugadi, March 23) celebration. The mango tree has tiny fruits; love the brown color of the new leaves. A variety of birds visit the mango tree now. You can see parrots hopping from branch to branch. The birds' melodies are pleasant; like to listen to them and absorb their happiness. Unfortunately, I am unable to capture them in the camera. 



Whenever our neighbor's amaryllis plants flower, I admire them from my window. I am ready with my camera to click a few photos, but each time, I get distracted or get busy with chores. By the time I am actually free, the flowering season would be over. I love those flowers, and this time, I bought 3 bulbs from Lalbagh. I sowed the bulbs in a container, and kept watering it everyday. I know that I was late to plant the bulbs, but I was tempted. After a few days, I saw all the bulbs sprout. Ah, was I happy! Today, one of the bulbs have a flower. 

Amaryllis bud

The bitter gourd creeper has flowers now, and is crawling everywhere. Oh yes, the grapes creeper has new leaves, while I thought the creeper was dead. The Yellow pepper plant has two peppers. The amaranth plants need another round of picking the leaves. There's a gorgeous anthurium in the garden; waited a few weeks to see it bloom. The lollipop flowers are popping. Hey, one of the hollyhock plants has flowers! The geranium plants have flowers too - pretty pink and gorgeous rose. The bleeding heart creeper has several buds; will bloom this week or the next.

What can I say... It's awesome to see so many flowers at the garden. Here are a few photos:
Bitter gourd creeper

Grapes creeper
Yellow pepper

Geranium rose

Geranium pink


Bleeding hearts

Lollipop flower


  1. All your pictures are so crisp and beautiful. BTW, is that a new camera?
    I hadn't heard of the lollipop flower before. That's a cute name for a flower.

  2. Hi Anita, thanks. I bought a Nikon D90 a few months ago, and trying my hand on it. :-)

    The botanical name of the lollipop flower (plant) is Pachystachys lutea. It's a cute flower!

  3. Wow so many varying plants you grow ! Nice to watch those pictures.
    I wish to see that amarylis and orchid blooms.Do you grow Mango and Neem in containers?

  4. Tne mango! what a pretty picture it makes. Want to pluck that one!
    Neem is already giving new shoots. In Hyderabad it is still dry and dropping leaves. Ugadi around the corner!

    The lollipop flower, looks so cute.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy gardening.

    1. I could not reply thru WP, So came via Google Pattu/Vetrimagal

  5. Thanks, Pratibha. The Mango and Neem trees are on the ground; fruits are accessible from the terrace garden. We seem to enjoy the best of these trees! :)

  6. Dear Pattu, Oh, I remember the tiny mangoes that are able @ Hyderabad. These mangoes were cooked to make curry or rasam. Tasted yum! Enjoy the season. :)


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