Friday, May 18, 2012

Caladium plants after a year

Previous year during May, I posted about my Caladium collection. The plants are back to life this year, and I love them. I had bought the bulbs from Indo-American Seeds, Bangalore. The collection has increased by one new variety - first photo from the left, first row in the photo-collage, which is available at the following location:

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These plants grew in several containers, sharing the space with other plants. I replanted them in separate containers, and was also pleased to see newer bulbs. For the next two months or so, these plants will flaunt its leaves and colors. Now, these plants sit in a row like good children. :-)

For information about growing the Caladium plants, see:
To know about the different varieties and names, see

Also, did you know that Caladiums are poisonous? Read more:

Happy weekend!



  1. Aren't they lovely. A nice collection Asha!

    Mine too suddenly started unfolding. I did not even know they were there , I planted some tomatoes into them, by mistake, and now the leaves are coming up!

  2. It's fun to see them pop up!

  3. very informative and interesting for caladium lovers thanks a lot.


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