Thursday, May 24, 2012

Plantasjen - Vinderen, Oslo

We visited Sweden and Norway during April-May, 2012. These places were welcoming Spring, and how! You can find florists everywhere in the city, and yes, outside too. In today's article, I share photos of the lovely plant mart at Vinderen, Oslo.

It so happened that we decided to hop on to the Holmenkollen Line, and headed straight to the Frognerseteren. From there, we walked down to the famous Frognerseteren cafe to enjoy the Sunset, hot cocoa, apple pie, and muffin. Oh, what a treat that was!

On the way to Frognerseteren is the Vinderen station. We hopped off the metrorail, and went to the plant mart. Please see their Website: Oh, gorgeous! The store was packed with spring plants and flowers. The spring bulbs and seeds neatly sat on the racks, tempting people to pick them up. New range of containers and artifacts were flaunted beautifully.

I kind of lost myself seeing the varitey of Orchids, Begonias, Impatiens, Roses, Gloxinias, and other flowering plants. I absolutely loved the Olive trees and the Orange plants. I was specifically searching for Tulip and Daffodil bulbs. Well, I was out of luck because the bulbs were out of stock! The staff were friendly, and tried to suggest stores that I can try my luck at.

I bought a few containers and garden artifact - tiny roses, and iris and gladiolous bulbs (Nelson Garden product). That was a real treat. I wanted to buy half the stores, if only I had that kind of budget and if India customs department allowed it. That's when I wished we had a summer house at the Nordic. Ya, well, what's wrong in dreaming? :-)

Here are a few photos of the store. If you are traveling to Oslo, please try to visit this store; it's a heart-warming experience to be in a garden store of this magnitude.



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