Thursday, June 14, 2012

Colors and fragrance

It's a lovely Thursday today. The Sun is bright; no signs of rain. Monsoon seems to have gone into hiding. Water problem still exists at Bangalore. Yes, everyone is desperately waiting for the rains. Mother Nature needs to throw tantrums especially that we have damaged and polluted everything. However, what wonders me is that the ability of the flora and fauna to heal naturally. This article is all about that ability especially our Mango tree.

Our dear Mango tree has regained its glory, after the pest attacks. The tree now sports lovely colors of Brown and Copper - colors of the new leaves. The layers of dark Green in the background, the Brown sandwiched, and the copper-color in the forefront looks stunning. Oh, you must watch the magic of Sun light on these leaves! Happy that the tree is a super survivor.

Previously, in one of my articles, I mentioned about the notorious slugs inside the containers that had strawberry plants. I put coffee and tea dust, and the slugs had disappeared. I moved the strawberry plants to other containers, and therefore, planted lettuce seedlings in the older containers. What did I see one day? Slug gladly chewing on the seedlings. I have no other choice but to hand-pick the slugs and dispose them.

Two pretty varieties of hibiscus flowers bloomed today; each plant had more than one flower. I absolutely love their color. Yesterday, one of the hibiscus plants had 8 flowers. I also introduce two more varieties of jasmine creepers - Nitya Mallige (the one that flowers every day) and Suthu Mallige (slightly different for the one that I already have). Both these creeper have numerous buds and flowers. It's a pleasure to be surrounded by the fragrance of these flowers. Oh, well, see that impatiens? How unique is that color!

As I type these words, I am pleased that the terrace garden is at last reviving. Thanks to all your prayers, support, and wishes too! Keep visiting my little garden blog, and drop a line to encourage us.



  1. Beautiful tree, beautiful flowers...thanks for sharing from your part of the world.

  2. Your jasmine and hibiscus flowers are looking really pretty, Asha. Don't we all love a garden that's in bloom!

    1. Thanks, Sri Ranjani! Yes, agreed.

  3. In Tamizh"Maanthulir" color is used often, while describing some fabric( usually a saree).

    Lovely Thulir.

    In Hyderabad too same troubles. Water is still scarce, I am scared to add more plants on the terrace. Hope we will have second round of rains soon.

  4. Very interesting read. Please add any other gardening Blog links or writer names you may know of. An FB group Grow Your Own Veggies with many new and beginning gardeners will benefit. Thanks and keep up the encouraging work.


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