Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Botanical Garden, Oslo

This is a long pending article about the Botanical Garden, Oslo, Norway. We visited the garden during May 2012, and was I amazed to see the variety of plants and theme gardens.

The garden belongs to the Natural History Museum, which also hosts the Geological and Zoological museums. The address is: Sofienberg, 0562 Oslo, Norway. See:

Note: The Oslo Pass covers entrance fees for all the museums at the Natural History Museum.

We were greeted by colorful tulips, tempts the visitors to stop for a while and admire the pretty flowers. Of course, people click a photo or two of the flowers. Ensure that you follow the garden map to visit all the places. We spent almost a whole day at the Natural History Museum. Though our legs ached, the serenity of the garden was the energy booster. Was a memorable day!

Sharing a few photos of the visit.



  1. I would have walk with my aching feet as well ha ha... The tulips must have been really marvellous. I am surprised to tropical plants there. Oh Asha I wish I was there!

  2. You would have loved them, Stephanie! For the first few days that I was there, I swore never to return to my homeland. But then, I had to return to implement somethings that I observed/learned.

    What's amazing is that they take so much care to grow seasonal plants and protect the natural surroundings. The municipality keeps the city decorated with plants. I couldn't resist watching them get the sapplings, transplant them in different patterns, and nurture/prune them.

    Most of the residents would buy one or two stalks of flowers (or plants) on their way back home, from work. Oh, the florist stores had absolutely gorgeous plants and flowers, and artifacts! Unfortunately, I couldn't buy plants and ship them to India. But was a beautiful experience to be surrounded by those plants!


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