Saturday, August 4, 2012

Growing dwarf oranges in containers

Hello, and thank you for reading about my dwarf orange plant:
In this article, I write about how to grow the orange plant in containers. Oranges can either belong to sweet variety or the sour. As you already know, I have the sour variety. For more information, see

I have an earthen container, selected based on the size of the dwarf tree. It's now a plant rather than a tree. As the plant grows, I am sure that I'll need a move the plant into a bigger container.

I have used almost equal quantity of red mud, horse manure, and coco peat. You can also add sand if required. Use soil that provides good drainage.

I first check the soil. If it's dry, I water the plant. A little water every day is fine. Avoid excess water.

Definitely! This plant loves sunlight. I have placed my plant facing West, under the Neem tree. Provides good sunlight and breeze. I may move the plant to the South; that's after the plant evolves to a tree or grows a little stronger.

I fertilize the plant once a month or sometimes once in two months. I understand that the citrus fruits require acidic fertilizer. I just use manure or NPK, or used coffee/tea dust. To know how to prepare home-made fertilizers, see:
I haven't spotted any pests, so far, that have attacked the orange plant. However, to ensure that aphids and other insects stay at bay, I spray Neem oil or organic pesticide.

The plant will tell you when to replant. If you are using earthen containers, you'll see that the roots will flow out of the container. Ah, means it's time to provide a bigger house for the plant. The size of the plant grows bigger, try to move the plant into a bigger container. Prune the roots.

Yes, please. But ensure that you don't prune the plant during its flowering season. Some gardeners prune to retain a particular shape of the plant. Other gardeners prune to just encourage a good growth of the plant. Try to prune the plant once a year or so. When the plant is young/delicate, try not to prune it, but only remove unruly branches.

Enjoy growing oranges - sweet or sour!



  1. They look like lemons. And so what if they are sour... you can use them in your salads with some lettuce and some light dressing. I bet it tastes great...

    P.S. where did you buy the plant?

    1. Yes :-)... I think that I bought the plant from Wayanad.

  2. Looks very interesting... You are having a terrific garden... nice...

    1. Thanks, Swathi. You have a lovely blog too. :)

  3. Very interesting blog. Will check for more info here. do you have any tips for wheat grass growing?

    1. Thanks, Yedde. I haven't tried growing wheat grass. Hope the following Website is helpful:


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