Friday, August 3, 2012

Reuse Recycle - 3D Paper Flowers

On Friday, July 27, 2012, we celebrated Varamahalakshmi festival. This is to pray and praise the Goddess of wealth and Prosperity. I was wondering what kind of decoration I need to do this year, for the festival. Because our house extension work was incomplete, I wanted decorations to be simple and disposable (; not fresh flowers). Well, such a thing could be possible with recyclable items.

During childhood, it was fun to cut designs on paper and admire the light passing through the cuts. I've made flowers from different types of paper and cloth. Heating the molds and pressing them on petals of different colors was fun. Well, neither did I have materials to make such flowers or decorations nor did I have the time.

I had an annual report from a bank, and scissors, glue, and thick cotton thread. The paper quality was good and glazed. I cut one paper to experiment with paper cutting. Experiment was successful, and encouraged me to try many more designs of my own. I hung or stuck the decorations on walls and windows. Seemed like early Christmas! Yes, I was happy with my work, and how beautiful the designs looked.

If you happen to search the Internet for paper flowers, you'll get several Websites showcasing flowers or hosting tutorials. Please see:

Sharing photos of paper designs that I made.
(Instructions will follow soon.)



  1. Those are really pretty flowers considering they were made from recycling paper. Great work Asha...!


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