Sunday, October 7, 2012

Growing Peacock Orchids

When we visited Norway, I saw the Gladiolus callianthus 'Murielae' bulbs (by Nelson Garden). The plants seemed like the Gladiolus. Even though I was skeptical about whether the bulbs would grow at Bangalore or not, I bought the bulbs. This plant is also known as Peacock Orchid. :-)

After returning to Bangalore, one day, I noticed that the bulbs had shoots. I planted a few of the bulbs in an earthen container. The soil mix has red mud, coco peat, and horse manure. The container also has a firecracker plant. The container receives sunlight in the morning and afternoon; gets sufficient shade because it is under the shade of the Neem tree. The shoots grew into green slender blades. For a long time, I didn't see signs of any bud.

Last week, one of the plants had buds. As always, I was thrilled, and showed the buds to my husband and my mother. One after another, the buds bloomed. At night, the flowers look stunning, and have a delicate fragrance. I stare at the flowers, and recollect our visit to Norway and all the lovely garden stores and florists. The florists not just sell cut-flowers, but also sell or flaunt a variety of plants and bulbs. If my wish can turn true, I wish to have a spring-summer house at the Nordic countries!

Also see this useful article, Growing the Peacock Orchid.

I guess that my this experiment was successful; encourages me to try growing plants from different parts of the world.



  1. Lovely!... I love souvenir plants, they have always been some of the dearest in my collection.

    1. Got to visit your blog to view your recent collection of plants.

  2. Its a beautiful flower. Happy gardening

  3. Hi Asha..
    I really appreciate ur love towards plants and nature !! keep it up.. by the way I am a HR professional from Gurgaon.. during my visit to Bangalore just wondering if I can get 1-2 bulbs of the same (peacock orchid)

  4. Thanks, Govindraj, and welcome to the blog site! I have only the mother plant; yet to more bulbs. Meanwhile, I think you can purchase online at Nelson website.


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