Saturday, November 10, 2012

Visit to a farmhouse at Puttur

Yes, we went on a road trip again, and that's partly the reason for no articles on Rake and Spade blog site. We drove from Bangalore (Karnataka) to Kasargod (Kerala), and were mesmerized by Nature's beauty. You can read our travelogue and look at a few photos: 

On our way back from Kasagod, we made a quick stop at our friend, Pavithra Anil's farm house. We were eager to see Siddanth, her 4-month old son. He is a handsome happy child! Blessed are those kids that grow in a healthy and pollution-free environment.

A grand fig tree welcomed us. The fruits were half-eaten by parrots and other birds, and small animals. Uncle (Pavithra's father) told us about that the parrots love to eat figs. At times, mongoose too feasts on the figs. He said that a family of peacocks had walked across their farm recently. While we were chit-chatting, two cats came to greets us. Living in such an environment is awesome!

Pavithra took us around the farm, which had several coconut trees and a huge well. The house and farm both use water from this well; the water tasted sweet and refreshing. The farm also has mango trees, jackfruit trees, and banana plants. Felt nice to see tender pepper hanging from the pepper creepers. The Bilimbi tree and Breadfruit trees were exotic. The pineapple plants grew healthy.

The tour around the farm was a lovely experience. Just realized that people around this region are healthier, smarter, and happier. Well, they do have certain challenges, but people are at peace with themselves when compared to people in the cities. 

Happy festivals and holidays!



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