Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christmas Cactus - New Addition

Hello friends! We received one nice shower of rain the day before yesterday. Was lovely to stand inside the porch and watch the raindrops touch the terrace. All the dried leaves of the Neem tree fell on to the terrace. The birds and squirrels shook off the raindrops. Absolutely beautiful moment! 

There are a lot of new beginnings at our terrace garden; I've been occupied in other spheres of life, and haven't blogged about the garden. The Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera x buckleyi) plants are new. They had flowers this season. Now they have new leaves too. One of our dear friends, squirrels, had broken a leaf, which I planted in some container. And, voila, the broken leaf has developed roots. That's the beauty of growing cactus plants. Easy to maintain. Easy to propagate.

My Christmas Cactus plants received bright sunlight during the morning (till early afternoon). Water the plants once a week or when the soil goes dry. The neighbors of these plants are a few indoor plants and creepers. All of them seems to be bonding well. :-)

Where did I buy the Christmas Cactus plants? At Indo American Seeds Pvt. Ltd (Bangalore) and at Lalbagh Flower Show (2012). The ones that I bought from a stall (Lalbagh Flower Show) didn't survive; however, the ones from Indo American not only survived but also had several blooms.

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