Saturday, March 23, 2013

Summer of 2013

Well, hello! How are you today? How are your plants?

When you have had a busy week, the weekend seems like a drop of rain on the desert. I spent almost the entire day with my plants. Psst... Sitting at the terrace garden, I am composing this article; it's awesome feeling to be surrounding by plants, to listen to the chirping of the birds heading home, and to view the Sun getting ready to set.

What spa treatment did my plants get today? Well, I pruned a few plants; will help them have more buds. Hand-picked the bad bugs. BTW, that praying mantis insect has company; two of them now. Removed the dried leaves. Planted the beans and chilli seedlings. Provided fertilizer; vermi compost that I bought from Lalbagh nursery (Bangalore). Stood in front of each plant, and admired them. Yes, of course, clicked photos of the beauties!

There are several new beginnings at our terrace garden, and lucky me, one of the Amaryllis plants decided to bloom this evening. I watched the flower bloom similar to a new born baby opening its eyes. Oh, that was a priceless moment! The flower will be in full bloom tomorrow morning. Compared to the previous year, the color of the flowers are deeper. See previous year's flowers.

I was always a little skeptical to grow roses; thought they needed a lot of attention and care. Balancing between job and home, I thought that it was best to grow low maintenance plants. But, uh, the roses tempted me, and I picked one plant and then another. Now I have a couple of rose plants, which are well-behaved and have pretty blooms. These plants need to be pruned, fertilized, and watered. The pests haven't attacked any rose plants; I pray that the pests stay far away from the roses.

The White geranium is new this season; it's a wonder plant, and has been blooming flowers non-stop. The vinca (Pink) is new too. I have no idea from where that plant came on to our terrace garden; I had only the White variety. The Pink color is soothing; love to have this plant at the garden. Look at the White ixora flowers; aren't they gorgeous? I have one plant of this kind, and this year around, the plant has several blooms - about 14 bunches ready to bloom. I am a very happy person. :-)

I can't tell you how much I love the fuchsia flowers; I am mesmerized by these dancing dolls. Each time I take my camera out, I end up clicking a couple of photos of these flowers. And, yay, the passion flower (Red) creeper has revived, and flaunting life. I have had this creeper from 2011, and it has survived in the same container. I prune the creeper after the flowering season; I wish I could transplant the creeper on to ground. Would grow to be a giant!

What else is happening, you ask? The pepper, tomatoes, basil, mint, and bitter gourd are all happy plants. If you observe closely, the tomato plant has the whitefly insect. This insect has caused havoc at our terrace garden. I have tried so many pesticides (organic) and methods to control these insects, but they seem to return. One of the nursery staffs suggested that I use a chemical pesticide; well, that I may not prefer. I found this interesting article, Whitefly Organic Control Information; hoping to try some of the techniques mentioned.

That's all from me. Keep smiling. Take care of yourself and your plants. Happy weekend!



  1. Great pictures. Your garden looks very happy. I have a fuschia plant in my garden as well for the first time. It was flowering wonderfully for a couple of months, but stopped last week :(.

    1. Thank you! One never gets bored observing those mystic fuschia flowers, right? Hope your plant blooms many more flowers.

  2. Hi Asha. I find that a spray can full of 500ml water & 1 table spoon neem oil + 2-3 drops of dishwashing soap shaken well works very well as a homemade pesticide. Neem oil is a hormonal disrupter & causes interference in the breeding cycles of insects. That said, it is important to spray this around once a week for a month for best results. That way you can make sure you've sprays even newly hatched insects as it does not seem to affect eggs. The best thing about this is that neem oil is edible & the soap washes off easily. Hope this helps :)


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