Monday, April 29, 2013

Adventures with our kitties

Yes, it's about 14 days since the kitties adopted us. We have tried our level best to understand each other and live harmoniously. The only disagreement is that the kitties want to stay inside without any rules and I want them to stay outside the porch/house carefree.

One evening, we received rains. That night I placed the kitties in their basket (terrace garden), and came inside the house to warm milk. When I returned to the basket, the kitties were gone. Ram and I searched the entire house complex for about an hour; no sign of the kitties. We just sat on the stone bench on our terrace garden, and I had tears rolling down my cheeks. My only worry was that the kitties were weak to walk away in rain. The in-laws told Ram that an adult cat was scouting the house and that the cat had peeped into mother-in-law's room and locked a gaze with her for a few seconds. We assumed that the cat, which may be the mother of the kitties, took the kittens away. OK; they may be safe, we thought. The night was emotionally heavy on us. I could hardly sleep.

Morning dawned, and I opened the lock of the main door. Guess who I find purring? Peaches. Somehow the kitties had come inside the porch, and had been sleeping the whole night without making a sound. I was delighted that the kitties were back. Gave them warm milk to drink. And then life continued as usual. Their naughtiness has been increasing day after day. Their health too has improved. They let me comb their coat and check their ears. They have learned about littering in the litter-tray or area. I am amazed at how quickly cats learn. One out of five times they littered outside the tray, but that's fine. They are yet to learn their names!

The kitties explored how to climb the tiled roof, and discovered an entrance to the porch from the roof. One day, when we returned home from work, Peaches and Kitty were sleeping on a platform (closer to the roof) inside the porch. They woke up and stretched and purred when they saw us. Yes, they were hungry, and they didn't know if they could jump from that height and survive. I climbed the wall, and then the table, and then caught the kitties. Got them down slowly. During the week, Ram and I take turns to get them down.
One day, Peaches learnt to jump from that height. The little bugger jumped on the speaker of our music system, which has been kept out to be sent for service. From the speaker, Peaches jumped on to the floor. Kitty kept watching, scared of the height, and purred loudly so that we could get Kitty down. You know what... They express the fact that they don't need help to climb down. My God, I'm dealing with two adorable, naughty, and stubborn kitties!

They love the tuna-chicken biscuits and warm milk. They didn't like raw egg and anything vegetarian. I gave them boiled egg, and they ate it. Now they have two eggs per day combined with cat food (biscuits) and milk. Oh, yay, they learned to drink water! They w-a-n-t to drink water from the container that is kept for birds. They have scared the pigeons, crows, garden birds, and squirrels. Not just that... They snapped my bittergourd creeper by playing with it. My caladium leaves have been snapped and torn. The pots are moved or broken. Pebbles and a cane basket have become their toys. They don't touch the balls that I got them to play with. Latest fancy is a terra-cotta container with tiny balls hanging as decoration; they try to pluck them after climbing on a few pots.

This morning when Ram went to the terrace to pluck flowers to be offered to the God, he saw the kitties on our mango tree. When he narrated the scene to me, I left everything midway at the kitchen and went to see the kitties. Yes, sir, they were on the tree; very happily exploring the branches and scratching their paws against the bark. Gone are those days when they played with dried leaves. Was hilarious to watch them figure out how to climb down the tree! One concern is about the birds that live on the mango tree; they'll move away because of the kitties. No more nesting; no more birds hatching. Basically, all work on the terrace garden has come to a stand-still.

It is always Peaches who leads such expeditions; Kitty follows, gets stuck, and purrs for help. Sometimes I want them to slow down, and like good babies, just sleep the whole day. At evening and night, they groom each other, fight with each other, and jump around and play. At morning, they eat and again play. Play, play, and more play. I catch them and put them in the basket so that they can sleep; doesn't work. Within a second, they jump out and run around. The only time that they sleep is when we are at work, and when we switch off all lights and close/lock the doors.

And yes, the thought of finding homes for the kitties or giving them to CUPA did cross our minds. That’s only because of our busy lives. But now after watching the kitties learn and survive with a little help, we decided to help them till they want to stay. The day on which we realize that the kitties have grown to become cats that can live independently, we’ll stop worrying about them. But will place a bowl of their favorite dish; just in case they couldn’t find food on their own. Our visit to a veterinary doctor is pending; got to fix an appointment soon.

We have become a funny-weird couple. Our neighbors see me and hear my calling - Kitty Peachy - when I go searching for the kitties. The neighbors see me climbing wall, compound, and sometimes the grill door to reach the tiled roof. They see the tall Ram running on the terrace but can’t see the kitties with which he plays chase. The neighbors can listen to my coaxing talks and loving phrases to the kitties (; but can't see the kitties I'm talking to). Maybe from now onwards, the neighbors will see us climbing trees as well. Later, they'll see us jumping from one house to another in search of the kitties. Oh my, we don’t want to turn that insane! 

What has happened is that two sane, disciplined, and dignified people have turned totally insane; thanks to the kitties!


  1. lovely pics. seems you are enjoying their company..

    1. Kaivi, I have a hundred stories - about the kitties - to share! Taking care of them is real hard work; but the joy that the kitties bring is amazing. :)


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