Monday, April 22, 2013

Continuing about our adopted kittens

Like I said I have no idea how to work with kittens. Thanks to friends for giving tips about the subject. On day 1, they slept inside the porch. They took fancy to the UPS box, and slept on top of it. They needed a warm place. Noted. I gave them milk. They gulped down to the last drop. Oh God, they were starving! Again, the same question popped inside my head - "How could anyone abandon these kittens?" God knows from how long they have been wandering hungry. On a similar note, seriously, how can anyone abandon infants especially girl babies?

The kittens stayed inside the porch, safe for other animals. When we returned home from work, oh, the porch was stinking. Yes, I had to learn to potty train them. I put them on the terrace garden, and thoroughly cleaned the porch. We had a long way to go before we understood each other. Fed them milk, and played with them.

I had a big basket that was lying unused; cleaned it and placed an old turkey towel inside the basket. I kept encouraging the kittens to sleep in the basket, but they refused. I read somewhere that I can keep a bottle of warm water inside the basket, and they like the warmth and sleep. I also read that I shouldn't force them to do anything; just make them aware. So I let them sleep wherever they wanted. Surprise, they actually slept inside the basket, after a day! That was an achievement. And they got their own feeding bowls. :-)

Saturday morning when I woke up, the kitties were still sleeping one on another. Such peace on their faces! I bought something special for them - tuna and chicken biscuits. They drank the milk, and wondered what the biscuits were. Peaches tasted a biscuit, chewed, and liked it. Patches was weak to even bite a biscuit. They'll need strength even to eat.

I canceled all my engagements for the day, and stayed home completing chores and pampering the kitties. Potty training was successful with Peaches; Patches follows only for 2-3 times, and then does its own thing. Over the weekend, they tried Ragi malt with milk; drank only once. They tried little bit of fresh bread dipped in milk; drank all the milk and left the bread. They tried rice idli (today); didn't bother to eat. They absolutely love the tuna-chicken biscuits. Can you believe that, being a vegetarian, I ended up feeding the kitties non-vegetarian food?

(Peaches - White; Patches - Brown-Black)

Peaches is the active one. Patches (Kitty) is weak and tired. Obviously, Peaches dominates; doesn't share food with Patches, doesn't share toys, and doesn't share our pampering. Peaches wanders off without involving Patches. You got to see Patches, sits either inside basket or at the terrace garden with a sad-bored face. I’m sure Patches will be as naughty as or naughtier than Peaches in a few days (, when regains strength).

The kitties are exploring and discovering. They climb the iron grill that covers the porch. They walk around the narrow parapet walls surrounding the porch. They jump up and down the benches at the terrace garden. They play with dried leaves, hide-and-seek among the pots. Delicately walk on the pots, smelling plants. They chase each other; spring on each other; playfully bite each other. They run away and sit on the roof; that's the area of the house that makes the kitties vulnerable to the kites staying on the neighbor's trees. The kites worry me. Well, have to coax the kitties to come to a safer place.

Funny thing that happened yesterday was that Peaches encountered a large cat. This cat is the most beautiful cat that I've ever seen. The cat was curious to find the kitten. We thought that the cat may be the mother of the kittens, and may take them with her. But nothing like that has happened. Got to wait and watch what's in store.

Last night, Peaches discovered an opening to the porch, and tried to sneak inside. They w-a-n-t to enter the porch, and then the house. They w-a-n-t to walk inside the house and the kitchen. They want to cuddle up and sleep, if possible with me. That's not happening at all. If I sit on the terrace, they climb and sleep in my lap. They purr. When I pet them, they purr softly. When I stop petting them, they purr loudly. Do you see what they are up to? Trying to melt my heart and make me fall head-over-heels in love with them. :-)

Our duty (Ram's and mine) is to take care of them - feed them, love them, provide a shelter, and give medical checkup. We didn't want to turn them into delicate home pets totally depending on us; want them to be survivors - to explore their world on their own and groom their animal instincts. It's not easy to adopt abandoned kittens and help them spring back to action. Hopefully, we succeed in providing them better memories.

That's the update for now. Tomorrow is yet another day filled with adventures!



  1. :) Pets are always lovely. But make no mistake, they break your heart too.

    1. Agreed! I see the difference between having kittens and having puppies. I hope, in the process of taking care of these kitties, we can learn to balance the act of giving and taking; that's when hearts may not break. Otherwise, emotions will swing, and seize our senses. Good day! :)


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