Sunday, April 14, 2013

Terra-Cotta Painting - Ganapa Idol

I have either been busy or lazy to complete the task of painting the terra-cotta artifacts that I have collected over a few years. On Friday, I painted one of such artifacts - the idol of Lord Ganapa (Ganesh) or the Elephant-faced God.

I picked this handmade idol from Goa. The uniqueness of this idol attracted me. If you observe, the style is different from other parts of India. The idol is inverted-cone shape. The face, crown, and cloth on shoulders are cone shaped. The strokes used in embossing are lines or forms of lines. Unlike the other idols of the lord, the mouse/rat, the snake, and the modak (sweet) are missing.

I had acrylic paints with me. Wanted to keep the base as Gray - color of the elephant, and paint lighter colors such as Yellow/White to make the idol peppier. Doesn't the idol look adorable after the painting?

Have a fun week ahead!



  1. Beautiful.. Bappa must be happy in his new colors.. :)

    1. Thanks Kavi. Bappa stands out among the plants and earthen pots. :D


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