Thursday, June 6, 2013

First flower of Queen of the Night bloomed!

Hello! I'm sorry I haven't been able to update the blogs. Let me start with big bang good news!

Our Queen of the Night plant (known as Brahma Kamala in Kannada; scientific name is Selenicereus grandiflorus) bloomed its first flower last evening. The plant chooses the World Environment Day to flaunt its first flower! Have waited for almost 3.5 years for the plant to show buds and bloom at least one flower. Each year I would be disappointed when the flowering season passed by without a bud on the plant. This year around I was thrilled to spot two buds on the plants.

From then on, I have been observing the growth of the buds. The one that bloomed the previous evening was just above the lotus pond/container. When the flower bloomed, oh, what a beauty it was! The huge fragrant White flower slightly touching the water and lotus leaves looked stunning.

The other bud may bloom during this weekend. Hopefully, our kittens do not play with the bud and destroy it. The plant also has several tiny buds showing at the edge of the leaves. Oh, am I super thrilled!
During our childhood, my mother has grown the Queen of the Night plant. She loved it and so did we. One evening the plant bloomed several flowers that looked gorgeous. We clicked photos; the neighbors stopped by to see the beautiful flowers. We had fun.

The plant that I have is a leaf-cutting from my aunt's house. My grandmom has a terrace garden, and the Queen of the Night was one of the plants at that garden. After her death, the terrace seems barren. Well, to keep her memories alive, I took a leaf-cutting from the mother plant, and planted it at my terrace garden. The first flower is dedicated to the ladies of our house - grandmom, mom, and aunt. :-)

Here are a few photos:

Well, how can I end the blog without talking about our kittens - Peaches and Kitty? They have grown to be healthier, smarter, and naughtier. Their mischief and games are fun to watch. These days they have been exploring our entire bungalow, the trees, and our neighbor's water tank.

Funny that Kitty slept inside a container that has hibiscus plant. The soil was moist due to the rains. The Sun was out, and weather was a little humid. I guess that a combination of moist soil, humid weather, and shade of the plant tempted Kitty to sleep inside the container.

Oh, they got a rope, and played like crazy with the rope! They toppled the bucket that is used for watering the plants. When I cleaned the garden and was re-potting the plants, the kitties sat and watched the process. Later Peaches was digging mud for me. They sniff the new plants, and act as though they are smelling flowers when I am stroking the plants. Ha ha... Cute little helpers I have!

A few photos of our kitties:



  1. Kudos! How beautiful :-D I am sure by now you would have forgotten the waiting time for these flowers to appear. Cats sometimes come into my garden and walk on some of my low growing plants... they love plants :-)

    1. Yes; waiting time is over! The plant has more buds, which may bloom in the next few weeks.


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