Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Give Away - Bromeliad Plants

I have a few varieties of bromeliad plants - beautiful and low maintenance. What fascinates me about these plants are their adaptability and hardiness, and of course, their charming long-lasting flowers! 

Some of them are new, while some have been with me for about a year now. I have placed them either in semi-shade, or in direct sunlight but among the taller plants. The plants haven’t had any flowers as of now. But they have a lot of pups, which I removed from the mother plants and planted them in different containers. I always tend to get a tiny plant or a seeding or seeds, and then watch it grow to become an adult plant.

When I water the plants, the bromeliad plant holds the water between its leaves; from the top of the plant, the water seems like water in a well. Oh, if sunlight reflects from the surface of this water, will seem as though the plant has captured a rainbow. Such amazing romance exists in Nature!

Write to me (asha dot raam at yahoo dot com), if you need one of the Bromeliad plants at a nominal price. 

A few excellent Websites to know more about Bromeliads are http://www.bsi.org, and



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    1. Stephanie, a few of the plants got sold. Hopefully, they grow well at their new homes. :)


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