Friday, June 28, 2013

The Green Rose

Have you seen a Green-colored rose? No, not the artificial one; but the real one.

When we walked inside the Orchidarium at Yercaud, the staff showed us the Green roses. Those were amazing flowers! The botanical name of the Green rose is 'Rosa chinensis viridiflora;' common name is 'China rose.' To know more, see The History of Green Rose.

What's your favorite rose color?

A spider must have weaved a delicate web around the buds; the traces of the web still existed. 
That pinkish hue makes it seem as though the rose is blushing.

I'm participating in this week's Fertilizer Friday and Floral Friday. Check out these Websites to view flowers flaunted by several gardeners.

Happy weekend!



  1. It's such an unusual looking Rose. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea at all that such a Rose existed.

  2. wow, odd. I've never heard of such a thing before.


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