Thursday, August 22, 2013

Angelwing jasmine vine

I have a few varieties of jasmine vines, which grow in earthen containers at our terrace garden. The variety that I write about today is called Angelwing Jasmine; its botanical name is Jasmine Nitidum.
This vine has been with us for more than two years; pruned the vine to grow like a plant/shrub.
The thought of transfering this plant in to a larger container has crossed my mind several times. But each time I want to move the plant, dah, the plant flaunts buds. So I tell myself to wait till the buds bloom. I guess that the plant is happy in the current container.
I remember that I bought this vine outside Bangalore; don't recollect the place. Must be one of places within South India that we visited. When hubby and I travel, we stop at any place that remotely resembles a plant nursery and buy a few plants. There are times when we return home, open the car, and pop comes out several plants. If asked, "What did you shop for?," we blush and reply, "Plants." Ha ha...
Back to the Angelwing jasmine... She is a beautiful fragrant flower. The tender leaves have a deep Brown or purplish tinge. The buds are purplish. The flower is, of course, White. The flowers look peppy and smily; instantly makes you chirp a "Hello there!" to the flowers. The delicate fragrance can be mesmerizing.
Please don't hesitate to buy this vine and grow it, if you find it. Remember that the vine can be grown from cuttings.
Where did I last spot this vine at Bangalore? Lalbagh nursery. I am sure other nurseries too will have this vine.



  1. Once again, awesome. Love those flowers with that lovely smell.

    This particular one is not available easily. The normal variety is available plenty.

  2. Oh how pretty! And precious vine! Aren't you glad you made those stops? Happy searching for plants or treasure hehe...

    1. Very glad! Each plant that comes home also gets bees, insects, and butterflies to visit us. That's a treasure :)


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