Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hello, I'm new, and they call me Brownie!

I've written about two tiny kittens that adopted us about five months ago. Both were female kittens. We named one as Peaches and the other responded to 'Kitty.' One night, Peaches followed a male cat, and hasn't returned since. Kitty missed her sister but recovered after three days, and has stayed with us. We miss Peaches dearly; I include her in my prayers every single day.

Kitty has grown healthy and beautiful, and non-aggressive. I love her eyes! She is awfully scared of strangers; however, likes to watch them from her hiding place. If only she could talk, she would report to us about everyone she saw or entered our house complex. She likes to garden with me, climb trees, catch garden lizards, hunt pigeons, and roam around like our princess. Basically, she owns the house and garden. :)

Yes, yes, I'm coming to the blog title. That's our latest one-month old kitten making her presence. One fine day during the previous week, she was howling. Only at night, did we realize that the odd-sounding noise was coming from our dog shed, which was filled with paint boxes. Oh, we rushed to see what was making that noise. And, voila, it was a little kitten with big eyes! I held it, gave milk, and wrapped it in cloth; left it inside the shed.

Boo boo... The entire night we heard her howling. Morning, we saw her on the top of our biggest Christmas tree - about 80 feet in height. She had at least climbed about 50 feet. We asked people if they could climb the tree to rescue her; but in vain. After two days, our rebel climbed down the tree on her own. Our driver found her and handed her to me. More drama was in store for us. Kitty displayed unusual behavior of spitting and hissing. The next morning, we gave the little one away. When I saw it after three days, oh, I picked her up and brought her home. How could I leave her even though I knew there were challenges in adopting her.

Well, that night both kittens growled and hissed at each other. The little one is aggressive; she hissed back. Oh my goodness, we were witnessing a cat fight literally! Thank God, they were separated by glass windows. We worked out a plan to keep both kittens home but away from each other. We are yet to perfect it. For now, there is peace.

Do you have pets? I would love to read about them!

I'm Kitty!
I'm new, and they call me Brownie!


  1. The picture with newspapers is my favorite. Cats are weird things to have as pets. They cannot be trained and they do things as they please.

    1. They are free souls indeed, and can be great teachers. Now I understand as to how and why martial arts techniques were derived by observing cats. :-D


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