Sunday, September 15, 2013

Common tailorbird hatchlings at our garden

Yes, one pair of sunbirds common tailorbirds that live at our garden has hatchlings. We discovered them today; Kitty was snooping, and we followed her. Of course, shooed Kitty to keep the hatchlings safe.
A couple of months ago, the sunbirds common tailorbirds was scouting for nesting place; they would hover around the terra-cotta birdhouse that hangs in our patio. We were expecting that they lay eggs there, but they didn't.
The nest is now made in one of our gaint Ixora plants. The little birds have woven the leaves to form a cup, and the hatchlings (three) are cuddled inside that cup-like nest. Each time the nest sways due to the wind or we wave our hands, the hatchlings open their mouths assuming that their parents have come to feed them. It's a pretty sight!
I managed only to click photos of the nest and the hatchlings. I waited for a long time (bending from our parapet wall) for the parents to feed the hatchlings, but they sensed my presence and didn't come. I moved away, and let the parents and their young ones bond.
Beautiful feeling to see new lives at our garden! :)

Have an eventful week ahead. :)

* Updated on 18-09-2013: These are common tailorbirds not sunbirds. I've corrected the blog article. :)

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  1. It is a fantastic photo opportunity.

  2. There are two little ones in my garden also and now they are out of nest but the mother is still feeding them. I love the sounds they make:). Are they going to stay and will the couple breed in future as well? Anything I can do to make them stay?
    P.S. I am late :p

    1. Congrats! Yes, the couple (birds) will breed next year; try to not disturb the nest/throw it away. Grow bushes to attract them. Cheers


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