Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tea party at our garden!

Hello! I hope that you had a pleasant Hump day. My day's activities and commuting has drained my energy. I cribbed about our tarred roads being a random chain of potholes, endless traffic, and honking!
When I returned home, I realized that I had barged into a tea party happening at our (land) garden. Lot of activity with peppy melodies! Who was partying, you ask? Ah, one of the sunbirds common tailorbirds (, residing at our garden,) along with its hatchlings! The parents were teaching the juveniles about flying, and were also feeding them insects. What a serene sight!

I forgot all my strain; rushed inside the home, and literally, pulled my camera. The drizzle of rain didn't seem to affect their party. Oh good, I thought, and positioned myself in such a way that I could click a few decent photos of the party. Did I tell you that Kitty was on her rounds, and got hyper when she saw me watching the birds? She scared the birds!
One hatchling sat on the ground about a feet away from me. I rushed to save it from Kitty; that inquisitive juvenile flew and sat safe on a near-by bush. Oh, you should have heard its parents yell! Was cute to observe the raindrops fall on the birds. I stood for a while to watch the birds and their younglings; so peaceful.
Well, I let them continue with their party, and stepped back inside the house. Mother Nature has her own little ways of bringing smile on our faces, isn't it?

[I got a new lens - 70-300mm for my Nikon camera; used it to click these photos. :-)]
I'm a chick!
Who's watching?
Protecting the baby
Two of us :)
Yummy snack!
 * If these birds aren't sunbirds, please let me know the species. I have to improve my knowledge about birds.

** Updated: These birds are common tailorbirds. I've corrected the blog article. :)
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  1. Beautiful pictures of the Ashy Prinia. It is also known as Ashy Wren Warbler. Its upright tail make it easy to identify.

    1. Oh, is it? Confusing whether the bird is common tailorbird or ashy prinia.


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