Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Croton Plant Collection - Our Land Garden

I love the color of croton leaves and love the shape of those leaves. I can stand for a long time admiring the beautiful croton plants.
A couple of months ago, I bought a few crotons from Lalbagh nursery (Bangalore), and had planted them in earthen containers at our terrace garden. After the roots grew well, I decided to move these plants on to our land garden. When the pits were dug on the ground for the croton plants, I put a handful or more of vermi-compost inside the pits, and then planted the croton plants. Due to the rocky soil, the plants may take a while to stabilize.
The croton plants are hardy and requires low maintenance. They love the sun and the water. The area at which I've planted the croton plants gets sufficient sunlight. We water the land garden once in two days because the rains are keeping our plants/ground moist. I plan to add more compost in the days to come. The flowers of these plants are pretty. One can grow the croton plants from cuttings; will talk about that later.
If you happen to visit an old house at Bangalore, for sure, the house's garden will have a croton plant. Sadly, due to lack of space or awareness about urban gardening or lack of interest/time, newer houses don't seem to be growing the croton plants.
 I've seen small birds hide in the big croton plants. Hopefully, our croton plants grow well and provide shade for the little birds.


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