Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New at Our Terrace Garden

Happy Wednesday, and cheers to new beginnings!
Was delightful to see a few new beginnings at our terrace garden. The good combination of rains and sunshine has been beneficial to the plants. The cuttings/pups have strong roots and have grown well.

Look at the African Violet plants (Saintpaulias) in the container; it has two varieties growing in harmony. This set is new at our terrace garden. I'm happy about the blooms. The Christmas Cactus Magenta color has several buds and flowers. The  Christmas Cactus White color too has survived after a struggle; waiting for it to bloom.

From the parent Zeezee plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia), I have several young plants. The new plant shooting out of the soil looks beautiful. I had got two Elephant Ears (Alocasia Amazonica) bulbs and had planted them; both have grown well.

Aw, Bromeliads! I have several varieties at our terrace garden, and have planted their pups in several containers. Well, yes, the story of my bromeliads not blooming flowers still holds good. Let them bloom flowers when the environment is apt; will not force them to flower. Along with bromeliads, several other young indoor-plants seem to be growing well, as shown in the photo; will elaborate on them later.

Long time ago, I had bought waterlily plant, which didn't survive as the other lilies did. I didn't disturb the container in which I had planted the waterlily. During the rainy season, ta da, the plant revived itself, and has many leaves. By the look of the leaves, the color of the waterlily flower may be dark - Magenta or so. Let's wait and watch.

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