Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our Land Garden Updates

As you know, I've been digging and getting our land garden ready for plantation. Has been a challenging and back-breaking job for me. The soil is not very plant-friendly; mainly consists of rocks and construction material. Thanks to the rains; the bricks have softened and turned into lovely red soil. Due to the use of vermi-compost, I can find large number of lovely earthworms. The termites have been breaking down all the fallen leaves and twigs (from the trees). Hopefully, the termites don't cause any damage to the live plants.

What's happening at the land garden, you ask? I've planted fruit trees, flowering plants, croton plants, and vegetables. All these years, the guava tree either never had fruits or had one fruit, which our ex-maid plucked. This year around the guava tree has more than eight fruits; an achievement. The avocado sapling has grown well. The fig sapling and the pomegranate sapling are newly planted. I bought gooseberry trees; yet to plant them on the ground.
The vegetables are fine - sponge gourd, cucumber, tomato, brinjal, chilli, beans, pepper. Due to heavy rains, the greens seeds, such as spinach and others, haven't survived. I've sowed a few seeds at our terrace garden; will move those seedlings on to the land, after ready. At our terrace garden, the citrus plants have tiny fruits.
Some of my experiments may succeed, some may fail. But the journey is fun. Creating and nurturing gardens is keeping me busy and healthy. Also encouraging me to read material and books about garden experiments. :-)
You may want to check out the birds that reside or visit our garden: Our Nature Friends.



  1. Sounds exciting. Gardening is one of the most satisfying activities and the fruits of your labour is a bonus.

    1. I completely agree! My kitten and cat too love plants, and are around when I'm gardening. It's an unexplainable feeling of content. :)


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