Saturday, January 4, 2014

Green Sunday :)

Good morning, all. Happy weekend :)

As usual, we woke up early, and went for a long walk. Our darling cat/kittens were also up early. The Sun's rays cutting through the morning fog/mist was awesome. The chillness in the air made our nose and hands cold. Was romantic to hold hands, walk, and enjoy the morning drama around us.

At home, I was running short of vegetables. Quickly scouted the land and terrace gardens for some greens. What did I find? A happy hearty harvest! :)

From top: Drumstick leaves, spinach leaves, red spinach (creeper), alternanthera sessilis (green-honagone soppu), alternanthera sessilis (red-mixed color), fenugreek leaves, green spinach (creeper), tinospora cordifolia (amruth balli)


  1. My favorite from the assortment is Drumstick leaves.

    1. We recently pruned the Drumstick trees. Tender leaves have already started growing, and I like to use them in dishes.


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