Friday, January 24, 2014

Kitty's Kittens!

Here are our eldest cat's kittens - Peppy (eldest), Tipsy, Chubby, and Chotu!
They were born on Dec 23, 2013; are about a month old now. Healthy, cute, and playful!
We are looking for people who love cats and want to adopt them. If you or anyone you know belongs to cat 'fanciers,' please, please, let them know. They can leave a message on this blog site, and then I'll provide all details through email.
Thanks a million! Happy weekend :)



  1. They are cute. I live in a neighborhood infested with stray cats. Good luck with adoption. :)

    1. Thanks; we need all the luck to find them homes. Wish I could keep them all but nurturing 7 cats under one root will be a challenge in many ways, for us.


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