Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring of 2014!

A glimpse of our land and terrace garden! Both are buzzing with activity - new leaves, buds, flowers, butterflies, birds, and love. :)
Our newest addition, Tipsy, is well; his mom, Kitty, takes good care of him. The other cats, Brownie and Blackie, too love him. We are blessed to have so much positive energy at our house; thanks to the plants, trees, birds, small animals, and pets for making our house a happy and peaceful place.

Some experiments succeed, some blow up on my face! But I continue trying. I was walking at our land garden, which has hostile soil, and saw plants had actually grown and bloomed. I had selected a few plants that may suit such soil, planted them, and used animal manure.

Because I'm always on a strict budget, no replacement of soil, no gardeners/helpers, and no excess materials were used. Absolutely no planned planting (row-column), no use of pesticides (allowed the plants to recoup from attacks and grow), no pampering other than providing water. And the plants adapted! Similar to 'One Straw Revolution' by Masanobu Fukuoka

The garden now hosts leafy vegetables, aromatic herbs, aloe vera plants, fruit trees, and so on. White-colored eggplant has fruits. Pepper creeper has hugged one of the trees. Yet another banana plant has fruits. And birds visit us. Can't ask for more; I'm happy happy!
 Sharing a few picture collages with you all. Happy gardening and happy week ahead!
Brownie-Tipsy-Kitty sleeping together, Tipsy on an earthen pot, Kitty-Brownie-Blackie at my workplace, Brownie-Tipsy sleeping safe :)
Aromatic plants
Sponge groud, chilli, and tomatoes
First banana growing well, second banana plant flowered, and charcoal sprinkled on the soil
Spinach leaf (large one), greeny vegs, and mint
Tender Neem leaves, tomato seedlings from a rippened tomato, pepper creeper


  1. It's difficult to choose a favourite picture in this post :) Happy gardening!

    1. Thanks, Vidya! Happy gardening to you too :)


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