Monday, April 14, 2014

Glimpse of our land garden

Good morning, friends! How is the week? How are your plants?

The morning is serene; woke up to the calls of birds. They seem to be noisy these days. I've prepared breakfast and lunch for family, and a few errands pending at the kitchen. I know that it's going to be a great day.

I thought about posting an update about our land garden. The plants have adapted to the no-so-good soil, and are growing well. The two plantain/banana plants have fruits; may take three more months to ripen. The papaya plant too has fruits; waiting desperately to taste them. Well, some birds like papaya; to protect the fruits from the birds, I need to cover the fruits with cloth/plastic covers. The guava tree too has flowers; hopefully, they turn into fruits.

Papaya, Lime, and Guava Flower
I have left the last set of tomatoes to ripen and fall off; those seeds produce good plants. The lemon/lime plants have countless flowers; these plants produce more than 100 fruits per season. The drumstick plants too have flowers; these plants do not get sufficient sunlight, and therefore, the produce is lesser than the capacity of the plants. We gave a cutting of the plant to someone, and that plant had produced a lot of drumsticks this time around.
Drumstick flowers and tomatoes
Oops, I almost forgot about one lovely plant! The sponge gourd! During my childhood, I have eaten tasty dishes made from sponge gourd. A lady who grew these gourds at her farm would sell them to my mom. Oh, how fresh the gourds were and grown organically too! That taste stayed in my memory. When I had a chance to grow my own garden, I wanted to grow this gourd and looked for seeds. Bought a packet of seeds from Namdhari, and grew the gourds. The creeper craved for land, and I had to transfer the seedling to the ground. And how it grew! The creeper now has two sponge gourds ready to be harvested. Yay!

Sponge Gourds
Yes, our cats and kitten are fine. Tipsy is a free soul; hates to be pampered or carried. He loves to play with Blackie; sticks to her the entire day. He has discovered a few secure places at home and garden; hides or sleeps there. Just like his mom, Kitty, he too is chatty/vocal. It's fun to observe how unique each cat is!

Have a great week ahead!


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