Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yellow Rain Lily - Zephyranthes Citrina

At our terrace garden among the different varieties of plants, peeped out a tiny bud. A day or two later, the bud bloomed in to a shy pretty flower. In the next few days, many more buds sprung up, and many more buds bloomed. This flower is the Yellow Rain Lily. I also have the Pink Rain Lily plants, which are yet to flaunt flowers.

The Yellow Rain Lily plants are easy to grow and maintain. They form a great element in your landscape. This lily grows in abundance at Lalbagh garden. During the flowering season, the landscape seems to be covered with Yellow carpet. The delicate Green of the leaves and the bright Yellow of the flowers make a beautiful floral carpet.

Rain Lilies


  1. They are little specks of sunshine truly :) I love this plant,surprisingly nurseries don't seem to stock the yellow ones.I have tried to multiply these from seeds and they are yet to bloom though.Fingers crossed :)

    1. Love them too! I have pink and yellow varieties. Try plant nurseries now - flowering season; may find a few plants.


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