Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First set of Bananas harvested

Good morning! Hope your family, pets, plants, and you are all well.

Remember the banana plants I was talking about, about their first flowers, and about the transition of flowers to first fruits? Well, the first set of fruits have ripened; weighed 9 kgs and each layer had 10-12 fruits. No chemicals used; grown organically. One issue that we faced was aphids on the fruits; luckily, the pests hadn't damaged the fruits in any way. We offered the fruits to god, distributed to family, friends, and neighbors, and then ate a few fruits ourselves. The fruits taste like sweet butter; melts in the mouth!

Waiting for the next set of fruits to ripen.



  1. So good to have your own harvest of bananas. It will taste the sweetest!

  2. The are drool worthy...btw which variety is this....

    1. Thanks, Arun. Did I mention that the banana taste like sweet butter? The banana variety is called Rasa BaLe (Rasthali).


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