Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Earthworms earthworms

I was transplanting two hibiscus plants today, and what do I see in the soil? Plenty of earthworms! I have been ensuring that all containers have at least one or two earthworms, when I plant plants. I get more earthworms each time I re-pot. It's like earning interest on the principal amount!

Sorry, most of us may not be comfortable with worms (even viewing them). Shared the pics to show that we can cultivate earthworms rather than source them from elsewhere. How to cultivate earthworms, you ask? It's simple. Get one or two earthworms. In a container, use a potting mixture that has mud (similar to clay), and then put the earthworms inside the mud. Keep the container in a cool place, and ensure to keep the mud wet. Yes, you can plant seedlings in this container. After a few months when you remove the soil, you may find more earthworms.

Happy week!


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