Sunday, June 15, 2014

Growing Ginger in Containers

I've been growing ginger in containers, for a long time now. I'm happy with the harvest. The smell and taste of fresh ginger (organically grown) is lovely. The ginger leaves can be tied as a knot, and then added to rice while cooking. Not only does the rice soak the fragrance of ginger but also help reduce stomach infections. Finely chopped ginger is added to buttermilk, and I love it!

Yes, of course, we use ginger in a lot of dishes. I boil water with a small piece of ginger, and sip the water throughout the day. Helps in negating stomach infections. My cats tend to nibble on the ginger leaves, when they have a stomach upset.

I have earthen pots and plastic containers, which I've been using for years now. To these containers, add the soil mixture of red mud, sand, and manure (or compost); a little more sand is better. Two ways in which I grow ginger.

1: when I see growth buds on ginger (at our kitchen), I cut them and sow them.

2: during harvesting ginger, I leave a few rhizomes in the container itself; when the climate is appropriate, the ginger growth buds shoot up, and the plant grows.

The ginger plants like filtered sun, rich soil, and good moisture (; no water clogging). After providing these necessities, you can sit back and relax; in fact, you can forget about the ginger plants. They will grow and yield you ginger! About pests, I haven't had any pests attacking the ginger plants. :-)

I got this variety of ginger from Sakleshpur (Karnataka). The ginger is a little spicy (than the ones I get at Bangalore).
Ginger plants growing in containers

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  1. A simple but informative short tutorial on growing ginger.Thanq


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