Monday, June 16, 2014

More fruits at our garden

After harvesting mangoes, it's time for us to harvest and enjoy more bananas, papayas, and guavas. This season I had cleaned the fruiting trees and fertilized them with horse manure. Oh, one issue with land garden is uncontrollable growth of weeds! They ensure that I'm kept occupied throughout the year, ripping off weeds from the soil.

Banana plants: Cut dried and extra leaves. Chopped off growth around the tree. Added horse manure. Out of the four banana plants that I have, fruits from one were harvested. Fruits from another are yet to be harvested. The third plant is now blooming its first flower. The fourth plant is sandwiched between two giant plants, and is struggling to get some sunlight.

Papaya plant: Cut dried and extra leaves, and added horse manure. This plant has been with us for years now; the grow was slow because of the plant being sandwiched between the banana plants. Advantage was that the papaya plant waited till it grew tall to have fruits; otherwise, I had to remove a lot of fruits to ensure that only good and healthy ones grew. Waiting to taste the fruits!

Guava tree: Cut dried and extra leaves. Pruned the tree, and added horse manure. Also removed weeds on the ground. This tree started flaunting fruits during previous two seasons; that's when I had taken over the maintenance of the tree. This season we see lot more fruits. The fruit of the first season was tiny and had lot of seeds. Waiting to see how the fruits turn out this season.

Yet another banana flower



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