Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Going bananas!

Good morning, my friends! Hope all is well.

Today, I harvested another set of bananas. I got this plant from my friend's farm; thanks to her and her father for giving me this plant. The fruit weighed about six kilograms. Most of the fruits have ripened; will taste amazing. What a beautiful feeling to see the yellow and green colored fruits!

My experiment with growing banana plant in hostile soil has been successful. Our land space has been filled with construction material over years, and has been unused for decades. By planting hardy trees and plants, the soil has loosened; plants tend to be growing pretty well. Only manure that I've been feeding the plants with is horse manure. We also tend to dump vegetables shavings, egg shells, and so on on the ground directly to make compose.

Third set of bananas harvested


Hi friends,

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