Monday, July 28, 2014

Oranges, Lemons, and Strawberries :-)

Yes, it's the season for citrus plants to show us with fruits! We have been receiving rain almost every day, and that has (naturally) revived my plants both at land and terrace gardens. Well, the rain has also revived a lot of weeds; removing them manually at our land garden is back-breaking work.

This week I have started cleaning the terrace garden; removing the containers one after another, removing weeds (if any), pruning the plant, removing dead leaves, adding manure, and then cleaning the area. The terrace area is huge, and I expect this cleaning activity to spill to the next week. All right, here are the photos of our lemon plant, orange plant, and strawberry plant. Happy week ahead!



* I made that piggy container from terracotta clay. You can find more such items at my ART TIPSY FB page. :-)



  1. Piggy container is a great idea and well made too. The plants look healthy. My eggplants are flowering and fructifying in abundance on my terrace garden.


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