Monday, October 13, 2014

Waxflower or Hoya Plant

Hello friends! Hope all of you are in good health, and that your plants are fine.

I have been busy traveling and setting up my art studio; and therefore, have not been updating this blog. Yes, lot of activities at our gardens - terrace and land. Orchid plants have buds and flowers. Two types of marigold flowers have bloomed. Waterlilies are flaunting themselves as well. Anthurium plants have flowers. Brinjal plants, banana plants, and papaya plants all have fruits.  It's overall a pretty sight. Well, I must confess that I have not cleaned the garden or added new plants; but the unkempt garden is attracting birds!

This season's special plant is Hoya. I bought this plant from University of Agriculture Sciences, Hebbal. Was a tiny plant when I bought it, and today it's grown to a creeper and has fragrant flowers. The first time that I saw the Hoya creeper was at The Ashok (hotel) at Hassan. Oh, the owner is passionate about plants, and has a collection of exotic plants! The Hoya flowers caught my attention. The flowers are in bunches and are extremely fragrant. I was thrilled when I saw the Hoya plants at the University.

The Hoya plant grows in a medium-sized plastic container. Receives sunlight post 1:00 pm till sunset (west-facing). The creeper has managed to climb the wall and run on the parapet wall (on a wire). The flowers are star-shaped thick petals. I am waiting to see the seeds. May be, after a few months, I may transfer this creeper on to our land garden.

Happy week!
Hoya leaves

Hoya Flowers

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