Monday, November 3, 2014

Nun's Orchids Nov 2014

Previous year, the Nun's Orchids bloomed during October. This year the flowers bloomed early November. Glad they bloomed!

Our terrace garden seems unkempt; gourd creepers tangling with other plants, empty containers spread everywhere, soil leaking through containers, and so on. All the plants require a dose of fertilizer. Even though I haven't attended to the needs of the garden, the dear plants aren't angry with me; they seem to be gifting us flowers and fruits. That's unconditional love! Several butterflies and birds visited us. We have wasps, bees, snails, mantis, garden lizards, and other insects happily dwelling (until our cats spot them!).

Now about Nun's Orchids. As you see in the photo, the flowers are strangely pretty; love the color combination. They are fragrant too. According to my experience, these plants (, orchids in general,) are shy and like anonymity. If you see them, quietly admire and walk away. They don't like to be fussed around; the more you fuss, the more weird they behave. Water the plants only when the soil is dry. Fertilize the plants only when they need. Keep them among other plants so that the orchid plants receive sunlight and shade. And then one day, you'll see pretty flowers! :-D

Happy gardening! Also check out our pottery studio.


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