Monday, February 16, 2015

Top 10 Herbs at Our Terrace Garden

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Season will soon change to summer, and most of my terrace garden clean-up activity is completed. Today, I thought I should share my top 10 herbs at the garden. These herbs have been with me for years now, and have grown with low maintenance. I have planted them in plastic and earthen containers; soil mix used is a combination of red mud, sand or coco peat, and manure. The soil mix should help easy flow of excess water. The plants are placed as per their requirement of sunlight.

Top 10 Herbs at Our Terrace Garden

The photo collage has the following 10 herbs:

  1. Madhunashini: This is a creeper; can grow in containers or on land, with fence or tree or wall as support. See A Natural Cure for Diabetes
  2. Rosemary: This herb is a good option for container gardening; I have this plant on land as well; grows wild. Grows well in semi-shade or shade, as per my experience. See Rosemary Herb Nutrition Facts.
  3. Holy Basil: This is a holy plant in most of the Indian households. Can be fussy to grow. Loves the Sun (direct/indirect) and good amount of water. 
  4. Cotton Lavender: This plant has a loved silver-colored leaves; fragrant. Famous as substitute for lawn. 
  5. Thyme: Another aromatic herb that's suited for container gardening. Multiples easily.
  6. Brahmi: This herb seems delicate but is hardy enough to survive and multiple. Don't like excess watering. One easy method to distinguish thyme and brahmi is to crush leaves from both plants; one that is aromatic is thyme.
  7. Basil: Another hardy plant. Remember to not allow flowers to show on the plant unless you want seeds. I soak the seeds and drink the water along with seeds; helps cool the body.
  8. Aloe vera: Hates excess water. I have this plant growing both on land and in containers; both in direct and indirect sunlight. We have giant aloe vera plants!
  9. Lavender: Resembles Rosemary plant but the leaves are smaller. Rosemary leaves are strikingly fragrant!
  10. Lavancha: This belongs to grass family; at our terrace garden, the plant grows inside plastic container under the shade of our Mango tree. The roots are used for various purposes. Whenever my cats have uneasy feeling, they munch on these leaves! See About Vetiver.

10 herbs at our terrace garden
From where did I buy the aromatic herbs?

  1. The University of Agriculture Sciences, Hebbal, Bangalore
  2. The Department of Horticulture, Bannergatta Road, Bangalore

I shall also share the list of all herb plants that our terrace garden has, on a later date.

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