Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Winter 2015 Update

Hello friends! Hope all is well with you and your plants. It's been a while since I updated this blog; sorry, no excuses. :-)

Come winter, I clean the terrace garden. Our Neem tree sheds all the leaves, and new leaves shoot up. The fallen leaves for a carpet on our terrace; it's beautiful. I collect these leaves and put them in the compost bin. I also prune most of the plants during winter, loosen soil and add manure, sow seeds, and also re-pot a few plants. By the end of the season, my back hurts! But the joy of watching the plants grow better... is serene.

Eggplants, lemons, tomatoes, and chillies are the year-around vegetables that adore the terrace garden. I have sown fenugreek seeds along with other vegetables. I see fenugreek seeds sprouting. I had left ripened tomatoes in the container itself, and now, seedlings are showing up.

Anthurims have bloomed. Firecraker flowers fill the terrace garden. Bromeliad plants, Match Stick and Silver Vase, have flowers too; the latter plant's first bloom ever! Of course, marigolds are my favorite, brighten the garden. These are grown from seeds that I saved during the previous season. Pruned rose plants.

Well, I have been neglecting my grape vine; it's such a hardy plant, seems to survive all the time. This year's resolution is to nurture the vine and ensure it rewards fruits. :D

That's all for now; more updates in the following posts. Happy Hump-day!



  1. You do such an amazing job with gardening, Asha.

    1. Thanks Shiju. I am not giving enough attention to my garden, these days. But the plants seem to understand and grow. :-)


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