Monday, April 27, 2015

One more time - cleaning :)

Rain can do wonders to the garden, and helps me remove the weeds easily. While I clean the terrace garden, the tailor birds chirp loudly; juvenile myna birds hop from one branch to another.
Tiny unripe mangoes have fallen inside containers placed under the mango tree. Little snails hide beneath the dried mango leaves fallen on the containers. Praying mantis sit still and pretty.
The pink rain lilies are blooming. The brahmakamala buds are growing fatter. The jasmine buds and flowers are spreading their fragrance. The bridal bouquet creeper has buds this week; next week will flaunt fragrant white flowers. Many more plants are getting ready to flower.
When I cleaned puja items, I had a few pieces of turmeric; had thrown them in a container. Now I see turmeric plants. One of my unique plants had gone dormant; the bulbs are showing tender leaves.
Herbs have grown like weeds. The lavanchaka, basmati, lemongrass, and others look pretty. BTW, I saw two new the may flower plants. And, hey, the watercress plants have multiplied slowly.
I guess that every living being is happy at our garden. They're happier because I cleaned the containers! Yes, yes, my seeds-box is open, and I am wondering about the seeds that I need to sow.
In a few weeks from now, I will be re-doing our land garden; that's one back-breaking project. The banana plants and hibiscus plants, which were saved before construction work began, are alive but fragile. The bird of paradise plant has silently flowered. The guave tree has tiny fruits. And, yay, the beetle leaf creeper, which we assumed to be destroyed during construction, is alive; saw one or two leaves shooting out.
Grow plants, and be cool! :-) 

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Succulent and cactus


Grape vine, lemon plant, and mangoes on our tree

Ginger, Radish, and Curry Leaf Plants

Waterlilies and Pink Rain Lilies

Flowering Creepers and Cacti

Two new shoots of May Flower, Watercress, and Lavancha



  1. Hi Asha Ram.
    You have a very pretty garden. I too have a few potted plants on my balcony and would like to start a terrace garden. I am looking through a few blogs for inspirations and your blog definitely has struck my heart. I love the variety you have in your garden. I hope to have my terrace bloom like yours in some years.


    1. Thanks Sindhu. Yes, definitely, your terrace garden will grow well. :-)


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