Sunday, June 14, 2015

After the rains

Hello friends! It's been raining here. We lost two of our old trees, and the birds seem to be lost because they can't find the trees to perch. We thought of planting new tree-saplings, but then ruled out the idea. However, at another portion of our land garden, we planted fruit tree-saplings.

I like walking at our terrace and land gardens, observing the new beginnings. Today the plants looked tired after enduring the rain. Some of the containers had water clogging; reminds me that I need to make hole in those cement containers. One of my cats tagged along, smelling a flower/leaf. She loves when I'm at the garden. When I dig the ground or am re-potting the containers, the cats like to dig or play with the soil mixture. It's delightful to watch them.

Yesterday I worked at our land garden for a while; planted a few flowering plants under the coconut tree. Pruned a few plants. There's a lot of work to do, after our house construction/renovation. Luckily the rains have softened the ground, making digging and removing weeds easy.

A well-wisher gave me two seedlings of round-purple eggplant and two saplings of papaya tree. We don't know if papaya is hybrid or native variety; let's wait and watch. When strolling at vegetable market yesterday, I saw ginger with shoots. Bought two to plant at terrace.

Our guava tree is filled with fruits. Three years ago we pruned and added fertilizer to this tree, and then she sprung back to life, gifting us fruits. Birds, squirrels, and bats enjoy the fruits first. Stranger who walk in to our house enjoy the fruits next. And the remaining fruits, if any, we get to taste. The fig tree to has been bearing fruits but the fruits get eaten by something. She is still a young tree, and I dislike her to bear fruits; makes her weak. Oh, look! Our banana plants survived the strain of being replanted elsewhere. Only one of the banana plants looks weak. Hoping that she too will survive.

And, yes, I added a few more plants to my cactus-succulent collection. I have also grown babies from the mother plants. Waiting for them all to grow well. Well, they don't like the wet-cold weather; crave for sunshine. I was able to save only one strawberry plant; it now has runners, which can be cut and planted to grow as individual plants. The different varieties of jasmine creepers are so happy that they shower flowers. All in all it's a happy Monday!

Here are photos of the gardens as on this morning. Have a wonderful week ahead!



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