Monday, June 15, 2015

Aphid and other musings

Most aphid-prone plants at our terrace garden are the chilli, eggplant, and hibiscus plants. They suck the life out of these plants by attacking the stem, back of leaves, tender shoots, and slowly the entire plant. Preventing and controlling this pest is a nightmare. I have hand-picked and disposed some of these pests. Today I sprayed an organic pesticide on all the plants; have to repeat the spray again next week. This routine will continue for the next four weeks on a weekly basis, and then bi-weekly and then monthly once. Hopefully by then, my plants will spring back to life.
I took a wide plastic container, put soil mixture, and transplanted the ginger plants, and also planted the new ginger shoots. I had placed ginger plants in the open; the rain water can rot the ginger. Therefore, this plastic container will sit under the protection of the tiled roof. The ginger plants smell awesome; even after washing my hands, the smell lingers for a long time. That's the beauty of fresh ginger!
Somehow, a few seedlings of eggplant has grown in a container. I don't recollect having sowed those seeds. Well, I'm running short of containers for new plants; took another plastic container, filled it with soil mix, and then replanted the seedlings into the container. This too sits under the protection of the tiled roof.
I sowed palak/spinach seeds sometime ago; seedlings are seriously damaged due to rain. I can't even hold the seedlings to transplant. If rain stops for a day or two, these seedlings could be saved; else I have to sow again. I also see two squash seedlings; first time I'm growing them. I'm tossing a coin to decide whether or not to move these seedlings on to the land garden. Hmm...
In fact, I plan to move almost all shrubs and creepers on to our land garden. With a trellis/support, the creepers will grow well. The shrubs - night queen, day queen, and a few herbal shrubs names of which I don't recall - need that freedom to expand deep and wide in the ground.
Suddenly, there's so much to do at the gardens! The rains are like task-masters; driving me to work harder and quicker. smile emoticon
What you can grow this season? Look at your vegetables; see anything that has a shoot? Potatoes, yams, onions, garlic, ginger? Take them to your garden, sow them in the soil. Don't water in excess; these plants tend to rot. They love Sun; however, they can still grow well if they receive 3-4 hours of sunlight. Fertilize these plants once a month but not during the initial growth phase, when the leaves tend to use all the nutrients to grow thick and lush; wait for the tubers to show, and then sprinkle fertilizer. This method has worked well for me.
Happy gardening!


  1. Yes, rain do inspires us to gardening.. What organic pest control did you use to control aphids may I know?

    1. Vasudha, this time around I tried - Dew's Anti-Disease (eco-friendly, non-toxic, and organic base). Got it from Lalbagh nursery, Bangalore. Has been effective on a few plants. To use, please read the instructions on the bottle. All the best.


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