Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Welcoming July

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Back to the news from our garden. The baby potatoes that I sowed, some early this morning or late last month, have grown lush. Will take a month more to mature; waiting to harvest them all. You remember those cherry seedlings? Well, their growth was stagnant due to lack of nutrition and sunlight, and due to my lack of time to nurture the seedlings. I feel guilty. In a desperate attempt to save these precious seedlings, transplanted two of them in a different container and placed where the sunlight is direct. Whew, the seedlings look better today.

I have a lot of chilli plants; some are old ones that I prune, grows back well, and flaunts chillies. Aphid attack has destroyed a few plants. Luckily, spraying the Dew's Anti-Disease (eco-friendly, non-toxic, and organic base) has worked. You can see how healthy this chilli plant looks!

During the Litchi season, I bought these fruits for Rs. 200 (and 210) per kg. I greedily ate the fruits, and threw seeds in a container. Didn't expect saplings but I see two beautiful saplings! Will wait till they grow to have 6-7 true leaves, and the move them to the land garden. Keeping fingers crossed that they survive!

The radish plant has seed pods. They will mature and dry in a week or so. I have to toss a coin to decide whether to save the seeds or to sow them immediately. Oh yes, the sambar onion plants look great! I thought of trimming the springs and using in a salad or something, but will wait.

The watercress Hydrocotyle Vulgaris/pennywort runners that I planted during May (2015) have growing very well. This is easy to grow, maintain, and propagate. Grows well in soil as well as water. What I have done is that I have planted the runners in soil and add excess water to stand on the top of the soil. The containers don't have drainage holes; therefore, the water stays until it evaporates. Yes, these plants need sunlight; the more the better.

That's all I have for this week. Stay calm, keep gardening!

See Hydrocotyle Vulgaris.

Baby potatoes growing to adults!

Cherry seedlings

Chilli plant revived from aphid attack

Litchi seedling 1

Litchi seedling 2


Radish seed pods

Watercress Hydrocotyle Vulgaris/Pennywort growing from mother plant


  1. Nice and cool to see your garden...Keep growing
    Last image is not watercress its bhrami leafs

    1. I need to correct that; it's pennywort not watercress. Not bhrami. :-)


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