Tuesday, August 4, 2015

White Onions Sprouted

Hello friends, it's already August! Time flies quickly. I look at my garden, and I know that I haven't been able to dedicate my 100% to my plants. They, being kind, keep growing, flowering, and propagating. I plan to re-pot a few plants during this month, and then a little more next month. My to-do list seems to be never-ending! :-)

A rodent has taken fancy to my terrace garden, and digs baby potatoes out of the container. Well, yes, I have cats as pets; but they are pampered enough to laze without catching the rodent! Today I saw that the rodent has again dug up the potatoes; I'm thinking of harvesting the potatoes immediately. The fresh and tender baby potatoes will taste fantastic when fried with a herb mix.

I bought a few white onions, which were perfectly timed to sprout. Placed them in a tray (indoors), filled the tray with sufficient water, and waited. Slowly, the onions sprouted. I planted them all inside a bath-tub (placed at our land garden under the shade of Guava tree), which we removed from one of our bathrooms. Keeping fingers crossed that the rodents don't damage the onions!

I also have shallots growing in a tiny container at the terrace garden; chop the springs and used it in cooking; now I see more springs. Waiting for the flowers.

Stay calm; keep gardening!

White onions sprouted
Old pic of the tub before planting the white onions... From left to right: Coriander, French beans, Double beans (transplanted elsewhere), Fennel. Due to rains, I lost a few coriander plants; I forgot to cover the tub with plastic sheet. *Shrugs*


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