Sunday, July 31, 2016

White Butterfly Ginger Lily or Suruli Sugandhi

Hedychium coronarium or White Butterfly
Ginger Lily or Suruli Sugandhi flowers have been blooming for a while now, at our land garden. Today several flowers have bloomed at once, and the fragrance is intoxicating!

These flowers are offered to Lord Ganapa, mainly, is what I remember. Most of the houses grew this plant during my growing days; I don't see many/any now. The plant has medicinal properties as well.

Yes, why not; the plant can be grown in containers. It is a low maintenance plant; can grow even in moderate soil; little amount of fertiliser during flowering season or prior (or once in a quarter) is sufficient; watering once a day during harsh summer, and during other seasons, water as per humidity level/requirement.

See Datasheet, and also see Propagation of White Ginger Lily.

White ginger lily


  1. Hello Asha, it was a delight to read your posts about roses and see pictures of the beautiful blooms. Esp the white and pink ones. Roses are so commonly seen, that i never thought I'd ever be so fascinated with their sight. Keep sharing!


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